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What I'm currently working on (updated!)


OK it has been several days since the last update, I know... Behind the scenes I'm working on a PureData script for Linux that triggers MIDI events (similar to the GlovePiescript that I wrote earlier).

I'll try to explain what's working right and what ain't working yet.

Working right:

  • Hooking up ZynAddSubFX to PureData using Jack
  • Getting my WiiRemote hooked up to PureData
  • Triggering events with the use of the WiiMote buttons


Not working (yet):

  • Getting a continuous note on while pressing one of the buttons (read the UPDATE below !!! Smile)


So the problem is:

When pressing a button on my WiiMote I get a MIDI "note on" message, I get another MIDI "note on" message when I release the button (pressing and releasing a button on my WiiRemote triggers MIDI "note on" messages). I know PureData doesn't send note-off messages, instead it sends an other note-on message with the volume equal to zero.


Download the PureData script of 14 February here (check below for the update!!!).


Update (breakthrough !!!):

All right during my skiing trip to Winterberg (Germany) I had a sudden brainwave. As a result of it I now have an almost finished polyphonic PureData script (as far as MIDI allows you to), which converts WiiRemote buttons to MIDI. It is almost finished because I 'll have to fry my brains on the following issues:

  • The sharps (C-sharp, D-sharp, etc.)
  • Octave toggling (up and down)


Download the latest PureData script of 26 February here.



I am working hard to find a solution, if anyone knows how to solve this issue then please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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