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Celebs Entertainment

Celebs Entertainment is a Dutch Record Label founded in 2011 by Singer/Songwriter Play-B Stan (a.k.a Big Bissy). Celebs Entertainment recently joined forces with Ghetto Flow productions and Badbeat productions, bringing you some of the finest tunes in musical history. With the production of the number one album Afrotone, which is now the number one album in Holland and Africa as a whole, Play-B Stan is currently working with some of the heavy weights in the African music scene, like top French Rapper Top Juland and R&B's finest rising star Nasomi Bell.

Create Digital Music

Create Digital Music is an online magazine and community for musicians using technology. Publishing since 2005, we cover the development of the latest products, technologies, and trends that surround how music is produced, performed, and shared. That coverage is produced as it happens, with input from technology leaders and the help of our reader community. We cover how to make the most of digital music technology on computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux), game platforms, mobile devices, electronic hardware, and DIY and handmade inventions, and examine the work of the artists and inventors who explore digital media.

Designing Sound

Miguel Isaza sound designer and electronic music composer has a blog with several articles about Sound Design for film, video games, animation and interactive media.

Digital Shiv

Digital Shiv is about sharing information and techniques freely.

Digital Shiv is a blog devoted to things which allow poor folks like me the ability to make music with digital tools which even the rich and powerful couldn’t have dreamed of possessing a decade ago.

Handmade Music

Part party, part mixer, part Science Fair, and part performance, this is an informal chance for geeksters and the geek-curious to come together, relax, and discover new sounds. The evening is a gathering of inventors of new instruments & music technology. Featuring circuit-bent toys, custom software and patches, interactive digital & visual instruments, custom electronics, electricity-powered noisemakers, DIY robots and new acoustic instruments. And it’s open to everyone from hard-core hackers & newcomers to music lovers who want to learn about the DIY music scene.

REKKERD.ORG is a blog about audio software, hardware and anything to do with producing music on a computer.

You’ll find a lot of information about freeware VST plug-ins (instruments and effects) on With an increasingly vast amount of freeware/donationware VST developers out there and the quality of many plug-ins approaching or even topping commercial alternatives, they deserve the attention.

Wanderen is a project by Fleur van den Berg and is all about adventure. Fleur takes you, by using a smartphone app, on a journey through the neighbourhood of Leiden (a town in the Netherlands) and nature of Warmond. Theatrical stories, interviews, photographs of nature and history, drawings, music and soundscapes, arouse your senses, bring out an invisible past, give a glimpse of present secrets and renew your perspective.

Casa Della Pasta, one of my favourite Italian restaurants in the center of Leiden. They work with original Italian products and fresh ingredients.


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